Weekly Share July 8th – 14th

Eggplant Mix
Nicola Potatoes
Slicing Tomatoes
Marketmore Cucumber
Red Candy Onions
Swiss Chard

We are hitting the culmination of the crazy Spring weather and hitting a low spot in terms of crop availability. Due to a mistake in planting, we lost over half our potato crop. We got a heavy rain right after seeding and many of them rotted, in addition all the late April and May heavy rains just overwhelmed us in terms of weed germination and growth. This affected many crops, not just the potatoes (beets, carrots, cilantro, fennel, dill, scallions, etc.); but combined with such a low stand in the potato rows, it meant the weeds took over and cultivation was impossible because at that point the potatoes we had were too tall. All of this followed with a serious drought over the past 5 weeks (still no significant rain) means the final growth and curing of the potatoes has been difficult. Harvesting and locating even more difficult. All that meaning for you many less potatoes this year than in the past 10 seasons. We will be getting you each 1 delicious lb of Nicola though this week, so please enjoy. We will be hoping to have 1-2 more shares with potatoes later in the summer and fall; but that depends on our final harvest. In addition to the potato loss, this time of year, we are usually harvesting shishitos and other green peppers; but this season, again due to the May rains and limited labor, we got our peppers in the ground quite late, so they are still a few weeks out. We are happy to say that tomatoes and eggplant are hitting their stride and we have a good amount of bulk beets for the summer months. In addition, the swiss chard is still looking good, even though the bugs and heat are beginning to take their toll. We have some delicious recipes below. Enjoy the share……Autumn & Brian

Turkish Beet Salad (pancar salatasi)

Creamy Cucumber and Grilled Potato Salad

Potato Swiss Chard Frittata

Aloo Baingan (Eggplant And Potato Curry)

Greek Feta Eggplant Fries

Boiled Swiss Chard Salad The Classic Italian Cookbook by Marcella Hazan
1 bunch Swiss chard leaves
Olive Oil
1 or more Tbls lemon juice
Pull the leaves from the stalks (reserving the stems for another use, such as Swiss Chard stalks with Parmesan Cheese) and wash in a basin of cold water, changing the water frequently until it shows no trace of soil.
Put the chard in a pan with whatever water clings to the leaves. Add 1/2 tsp salt, cover, and cook over medium heat until tender, about 15 minutes from the time the liquid starts to bubble.
Drain in a pasta colander and gently press some of the water out of the chard with the back of a fork. Place in a salad bowl.
Serve cool (not refrigerated) or lukewarm, seasoning with salt, oil, and lemon only when ready to serve.

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