Covid-19 Changes 2020

Updates regarding selling avenues for our 2020 regular season will be available on our site by April 20th. Please check back for details. We appreciate everyones need for healthy and delicious food right now, people are cooking now more than ever. We are doing our best to get things growing so we can feed you. Please note that we cannot respond to individual emails, as the volume is too high and right now we are like everyone having to adapt our systems, while also doing all our regular work. Our farm does not have an admin or technical staff person. We will do our best to respond; but also encourage everyone to check the details on our site or in a group email prior to contacting us directly.
We are working with the market community to get you all access to as much farm and speciality food products as possible in this constantly evolving situation. Please bare with us and the evolving market systems as there are a lot of people trying to figure out the most efficient and safe way to get you all access to us. A good start is to advocate for farmers markets to be classified as “essential businesses”. Right now they are classified as a restaurant, only open for takeout and delivery, requiring all pre-order and drive thru systems. We need farmers markets to be classified like a grocery store, as a “essential business”, in order to efficiently and effectively get as much farm food to people during this time. Please sign the petition in this link to support farmers market and local farms.

Market Updates April 2020

South of the James Market 4/11 (sold out) & 4/25
-Pre-order only, email us to be added to the order list. Tuesday prior to market we will send an email with details and a link to a order form.
-Drive Thru pickup only
-Payment: exact change (cash or check) in an envelope