LA COMIDA DE UN CAMPESINO (A Farmer’s Dinner) – September 20th 2015, 3pm

Join us for La Comida de un Campesino, where we will celebrate Latin American food traditions and our passion for corn, chiles, chicken, pork, and all things seasonal. This multi course family style meal will take place outside amongst our crop fields and small orchard on Sunday September 20th 2015 at 3pm. Reservations are $60 per person which includes a multi-course meal, pre-dinner cocktail, and non-alcoholic beverages. BYOB is encouraged.
We are pleased to be partnering with Deer Run Farm of Amelia, who raise the exceptional tasting and thoughtfully raised grass-fed beef and forest raised pork that we will be using for the event. Farmers Robert and Ruth Ann Hutchinson will be present to talk about their farming methods as well as to enjoy the meal.  As with all our other Farm dinners, we will be making the food you eat, focused on a seasonal local menu that partners with as many local producers as possible. Make an evening out of it and see how we farmers eat, you will not be disappointed… Reservations here

IMG_9861Chickens, our delicious pastured chickens, will be available as of Saturday September 5th 2015  Whole $4.50/lb, Breasts $10.50/lb, Leg Quarters $7.50/lb, Wings $6/lb, Livers or Hearts $6/lb, Backs, Necks, Feet, & Gizzards $3/lb. If you are interested in reserving for a specific market pickup please email us at

Tomten Farm is searching for a Fall season intern September-November. For details check out our employment webpage & email us at 

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