GreenGarlicRegular Market Season Begins! Please show your support to local farmers and make a healthy farmers market economy by shopping weekly, or hey even twice weekly at your area farmers markets. It is the best way (along with a single farm CSA membership) to interact with your growers, insure fresh healthy produce, and make sure your money is going directly to the farmer. Be proactive, ask questions, ensure the vendor has indeed grown all the products they are selling and in the process learn about what is really  truly available and in season for your locale. This is a wonderful way to appreciate what you eat and become more creative, passionate, and dedicated to cooking.

IMG_9861Chickens, our delicious pastured chickens, will be available as of May 16th.  Whole $4.50/lb, Breasts $10.50/lb, Leg Quarters $7.50/lb, Wings $6/lb, Livers or Hearts $6/lb, Backs, Necks, Feet, & Gizzards $3/lb. If you are interested in reserving for a specific market pickup please email us at

Tomten Farm is searching for a Fall season intern September-November. For details check out our employment webpage & email us at 

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