We appreciate everyones need for healthy and delicious food right now, people are cooking now more than ever. On our end we are doing our best to get things growing so we can feed you delicious, unusual, and inspiring vegetables to keep things fun and exciting in your kitchens. As a small farm that sells directly to the people who eat our food, we recognize our responsibility to provide food in a safe and healthy manner, this has always been our concern. With the current pandemic situation, we have raised the bar even more. We have spent hours considering every step of our extremely short food chain. As the current conditions evolve we are having to stay very fluid. So below is our current selling situation for 2020, please check back as things may change throughout this season.
We have advocated for walk in markets, as it seems so much safer than a grocery store and allows everyone access to the market, also it helps the farmer, as we can safely help a larger group of customers, than in a drive thru situation. If a walk in market does not fit your needs, SOJ has a drive thru option. We are encouraging people to pre-order larger amounts at one time and from multiple vendors at least for the next few months, so that the entire group of food & farm vendors can find it worthwhile to come to market under all the current protocols. Personally we believe being outdoors is safe, as long as everyone works together to follow the rules.
Want to get updates about our market locations, pre-orders, and available product moving forward. Please signup for our email list here (even if you have already signed up, it will tell you to update your profile) and towards the end you can specify which location(s) list you want to be added to EMAIL LISTS PER LOCATION
South of the James (Bryan Park) Covid-19 rules
-8-9:45am Drive Thru Only: pre-order required, stay in car
-10-12 Walk In: pre-order encouraged, masks & gloves required, no children or dogs, the market will limit foot traffic and social distancing must be observed.
-To pre-order sign up for our email list above and specify SOJ. We will add you to our saturday list.
-Pre-Order form is live from Wednesday 5pm until Thursday 8pm or when we sellout.
-Currently we accept payment at market via check or exact change (in an envelope please).
Birdhouse Farmers Market Covid-19 rules
– Walk In Market Tuesdays 3-6:30 pm
– Pre-order encouraged, masks & gloves required, foot traffic inside market area will be limited and move all in the same direction, social distancing must be observed.
Pre-Order via BFM’s online ordering platform for all market vendors. We will update our pre-order offerings each week by Thursday evening (ordering is live & open until Monday early).
– We will bring extra product to market for purchases day of, although we cannot guarantee amounts.
– For more BFM information: WEBSITE or ORDER HERE