October 12th – 18th

Napa Cabbage
Winter Radish Mix
Yu Choy or Bok Choy
Japanese Red Mustards
Jalapeno, Lemon Drop, & Aji Dulce

This year we invested more into our ginger production, so we have enough to share with the CSA. Our plan is to save some of the ginger, once it is cured, to use as rhizome seed stock  for the coming growing season, if all goes well we will continue to grow a bit more ginger. You all are getting fresh young ginger; so it will not store indefinitely and basically has no peel, so you can use it all. The smell is divine and the flavor is complex with a soft finish. This week’s share beckons stews, stir-fry’s, and some aromatic sauces. A reminder that the Aji Dulce ( it looks like a habanero) is a seasoning pepper with no heat, so it is delicious for making sauces or to put in a salad for a strong tropical chile flavor. Paired with the lemon drops and jalapeno and you will get some heat and loads of flavor for any sauce or salsa.  If you are looking for a raw veggie option with this week’s share, make an Asian style slaw. Make a dressing with grated ginger, minced cilantro, scallion greens, a little minced chilies, a few drops of sesame oil, sweetened rice wine vinegar, lime juice, and salt. Whisk in some neutral oil for the desired consistency. Thinly shave part of the napa cabbage, grate or julienne winter radishes, and chop scallions, toss together in a bowl with a little salt, then douse with dressing and toss again. You can let it sit for a little bit to marinate and enjoy. Other recipes are below. Enjoy the share……Autumn & Brian

Philippine Sour Shrimp Stew (Sinigang na Hipon) (radish & yu choy)

Radish Scallion Pancakes

Preserved Yu Choy Green Dip (Nam Phrik Nam Phak)

Spicy Shrimp And Napa Cabbage Stir Fry

Sesame-Ginger Daikon Noodle Soup with Bok Choy, Snow Peas and Shiitake Mushrooms

Ají criollo – Ecuadorian hot sauce

Mustard Green Masala

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