Weekly Share July 6th – 12th

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes
Summer Squash Mix
German White Garlic
Candy Onions
Russian Kale

So much going on at the farm lately and everything is growing, fruiting, and ripening so quickly, thanks to the longest days of the year.  The tomatoes are poised to overwhelm us, but right now the plant vegetation is just enormous with tons of green fruit, so the twine and posts holding them up are drooping or leaning towards the ground. We also planted the last succession in our high tunnel this past week. They are our smaller red varieties for fall, good for cooking, drying or long storage. The peppers, which were planted weeks late this year, are getting trellised and tied. We harvested the first of our romano beans on Friday and weeded and trellised the long beans which should come on in about a month. Our okra and eggplants are knee high and super robust this season. Eggplant harvest begins this week, so you will see them soon.  We just began harvesting from our third succession of squash, so this week will be the last harvest of our first succession (yes they are all running together) and we will plant our 4th & final succession. Winter squash and watermelons are coming along; but we let the weeds in the pathways get out of control, so that is a bummer; but nothing to be done.  Early potatoes will be harvested for storage later this week, the beginning of many hours this month of potato harvest for storage. Onions were all pulled and laid out to cure this past week and the garlic is just about ready to come out of the barn for long term storage (meaning clipped of their tops and sorted for damage). In the midst of all of this, our greenhouse has 75 new trays of fall brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, collards), fennel and scallions and this week we add to that with our late radicchios, fall chard, chicories, lettuces, beets, and napa cabbage.  It is always funny to be finishing spring crops in the field as we begin the same crops for fall. In some climates up north or out west they plant cabbage once and harvest early varieties for summer eating and later varieties for storage. Here though the season is longer and the summer too hot; compounding disease and bug pressure. So these crops are grown twice. Due to a mild May, we still have kale, cabbage, and chard in the field. We will be finishing them in the next week or two and hopefully the 3-4 weeks without these crops in the field will starve out some of the bugs; but we will see.
This week’s share is the last of the regular greens (Kale and Frisee) you will see, except for an occasional head of lettuce or cabbage, until September. The sungold tomatoes are on point this year and we hope you are excited for the tomatoes to begin, they should be a regular feature in the coming months.
Enjoy the share….Autumn and Brian

Farfalle with Wilted Frisee and Burst Tomatoes

Frisee Salad with Chorizo and Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

Zucchini Basil And Kale Frittata

Summer Squash and Basil Pasta

Sauteed Kale with Smoked Paprika

Photographs by Alexis Courtney

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