Weekly Share September 15th – 21st


Scarlett Queen Salad Turnips

Russian Kale or Broccoli Raab


Tomatoes (Sauce and All Purpose)

Sweet Peppers (Lipstick, Yaglik, & Corno di Toro)



Welcome to our Fall CSA. We have 10 weeks of delicious food ahead. Over the past week the weather has taken a serious turn and maybe you have noticed but the days are getting shorter in great leaps and bounds. Around the beginning of September, we begin losing over 15minutes of light every week. As farmers we notice this in everything we do. First off our workdays get shorter, which is always a bit of a relief until its harvest day and we realize we are quickly running out of time and still have many crops left to harvest. This is compounded with having a whole new set of crops in abundance such as greens and quick root crops. Secondly the growth of crops begins to slow and this happens at an astronomical rate throughout the month. Direct seeded crops such as beets, salad greens, carrots, and spinach can be seeded 7 days apart and will be harvestable about 4 weeks apart. Over the next three weeks we will be seeding crops for winter and overwintered harvest, as well as quick growing crops such as arugula and salad mix that we can harvest around mid November (usually they are ready 21-30 days after seeding). Growing crops for winter production is a totally different skill than growing during the normal season. So this means for the next 3-4 weeks we have a lot of direct seeding and transplanting to do and then we are pretty much finished with planting except for the occasional crop such as garlic or fava beans. We are excited that so many of our fall crops have taken off so well and that we can offer salad turnips, broccoli raab, and kale in this first share alongside returning tomatoes, peppers, and okra. Check out some recipes below and enjoy the share…. Brian and Autumn
Pickled Okra
Sukuma Wiki (African Braised Kale with Tomatoes)
SCARLET QUEEN RED TURNIP SALAD  -Instead of cucumbers, put the salad on a small bed of arugula, add some dill, delicious.
Dry-aged Italian Beef Sandwich with Homemade Giardiniera, Sweet Peppers, Suet-Fried Chips and Broccoli Rabe
Okra, Kale, Old Bay, and Andouille Saute
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