Weekly Share October 2nd – 8th

Collard Greens
Mesclun Salad Mix
Goldrush Russet Potatoes
Poblano & Anaheim Peppers
Jalapeno or Serrano
Green Tomatoes

Finally the sun has come out again. We missed it over the past week, even though it was a pleasure having some cool fall like weather. When the days begin getting shorter, we rely on the sun to keep our crops growing as the temperatures get increasingly cooler. Especially our fruiting crops, which need the sun to continue growing the fruit and then to ripen them. We have so many peppers for example that we are waiting to ripen and they are just hanging about. After the big rainstorm last week followed by the grey days, our fields have dried back but ever so slowly. This week we will do our final outdoor transplanting and try to make up a few quick crop direct seedings from last week; which will be our final outdoor direct seeding except for Fava beans and Garlic until March. Now our focus turns to flipping high tunnels from Summer crops to overwintered goodies. This week, we will remove all the sauce tomatoes (very sad to see them go and don’t worry we will have slow ripening sauce tomatoes for 3-4 weeks still) from a high tunnel and prep the beds to direct seed our main overwintered carrot, spinach, cilantro, sorrel, and claytonia crops.
This coming week will be very busy as all the recent wet conditions have led to intense weed germination and we have a lot of work to keep up with our Fall carrot, fennel, broccoli raab, and radicchio beds. Since we are headed out of town for a week, we have to get most of these crops in order now, as two weeks from now we will have a significant weed problem. Work continues all over the farm. We are prepping our 2024 garlic beds, adding cover crop in where we can, and taking this warmer week to feed our fall crops so they have energy to grow grow grow.
The share this week has a lot of favorite crop combinations: poblano and potato, poblano and collard greens, jalapeno and cilantro, collard and potatoes, green tomato, cilantro, and serrano. You get the picture. Make some stuffed peppers, make something spicy, home fries with garlic and peppers, cornbread with peppers and cheese. Check the recipes below and enjoy the share….Autumn & Brian

Green Tomato Chutney

Green Tomato Salsa Verde

Roasted Green Tomato Soup

Pork Poblano Stuffed Collard Greens w/ Creamy Avocado Sauce

Salsa Verde Pinto Beans

Jalapeno, Poblano, Potato Souffle

Potato Hash with Tomatoes, Pepper, and Kale

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