Weekly Share September 20th – 26th

Bok Choy
Spicy Salad Mix
Summer Crisp Lettuce
Red or Green Mustards
Clemson Spinelesss Okra
Shishitos or Long Beans
Asian Eggplant Mix
Thai & Jyoti Chiles
German White Garlic

We seeded our last greenhouse trays this past Thursday and will not startup again until January. This marks a slowing down of our Fall plantings, although we direct seed succession crops every week until early November in the ground, our crop planting is lessening weekly. Now we focus on our coming season’s crop map and cover cropping everywhere that we can so our soil stays covered through the Winter and is replenished. Thanks to our work share crew this past Sunday we were able to cleanup a huge section of field tomatoes, outdoor basil, and summer squash all in one go with a plan to cover crop asap before the coming rain. Other areas are cleaned up as they are emptied, bare fallowed (to work through weed seed banks), and then prepped for early Spring plantings. In these empty areas (there are few), we will cover the beds by December with large plastic tarps to keep the beds covered to avoid erosion and to have them ready for early plantings like onions, potatoes, or spring brassicas. So lots of cleanup and looking ahead to have things ready for next season. With an increasingly wet climate, we have to be more on top of looking ahead and addressing the crop fields as soon as we can.  We also are frantically trying to hoe and hand weed the existing Fall crops. With a rainy August, the weeds are outpacing us and so we are hustling to address what we can and turning in lost causes.
This week’s share is loaded with greens: some for salads and some for cooking, along with favorite summer crops like eggplant, peppers, and okra. Even though the deer have continued to ravage our long bean stand, we are getting a new flush and so some of you will get a small amount at least to try this season. This is usually our staple summer bean crop and one we harvest from for well over two months; but this year it has proven to be a great trap crop, so we are settling for very small harvests. What this week’s share is missing are herbs; which really tie together all the Asian influenced salads, curries, and dry-fry stir fry. The basil (both Italian and Thai) got the seasonal downy mildew very early this season, with all the wet conditions in August and our initial fall cilantro planting did not germinate so we are 3 weeks away from seeing its return. So we are sad to not include either thai basil or cilantro and we encourage you to search out some herbs to complete many of the recipes below. Enjoy the share…… Autumn and Brian

Coconut Chicken Curry w. Okra and Eggplant Recipe

Hoisin Eggplant, Prawn and Bok Choy Stir-Fry

Jungle Curry with Pork and Thai Eggplant

Spicy Greens With Double Garlic

Mustard Greens In Chile Pequin-Anchovy Butter

Shishito (or padron) peppers with okra

Gaji-namul – Eggplant Sidedish

Long Bean Salad

Okra Salad with Black vinegar

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