Weekly Share September 9th – 15th

Nicola Potatoes
Sweet Italian Peppers
Poblano or Anaheim Peppers
Celebrity & Verona Tomatoes
Highlander Yellow Onions
Clemson Spineless Okra
Spicy Mesclun Salad Mix
Radishes or Turnips

Welcome to our Fall CSA season. We get really excited this time of year, as there is so much diversity of crops.  We are also a little swamped with all the work we have to do with the shortening day-lengths that become very noticeable in September. We had a super productive CSA workday today, which was wonderful. We love sharing the farm and are grateful to have the help getting some physical tasks done that are much more rewarding done as a group. We got our winter squash harvested and setup in our greenhouse to cure for a few weeks, then we will move in into storage. This year the groundhogs did not get to the crop; so we have a pretty good harvest of our delicious Seminole, various Cushaws, and some new trial varieties. We are on the search for the varieties that do the best in our climate, have good flavor, and are not grown by everyone (hence why we do not grow butternut). We also cleared the last crop of cucumbers and squash in our high tunnel as it was dying and we need the space for our winter swiss chard and other greens. Over the next two months all of our tunnel (covered) spaces will be replanted with winter and spring crops. By early November we will have completely new crops and we watch them grow and put out food for many months. The seasons are really beginning to change for us, even while we still are in the middle of production of our hot weather crops. Readying the beds included pulling up landscape fabric, working the beds with a broadfork and wheel hoe, reshaping the bed top with rakes, and fertilizing. It’s great to see a clean space ready for something new.
This week’s share has loads of summer stuff, more sweet and slightly hot peppers with onions, okra, and tomatoes. Plus some fresh greens and quick roots for a raw, crisp, refreshing salad. Enjoy the share…..Autumn and Brian

Kadai Bhindi (Indian style Okra with Bell Peppers)

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce

Chiles Rellenos with Corn-and-Okra Succotash

Roasted Fingerling Potato Salad

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