Weekly Share August 7th – 13th

Ali Baba or Crimson Sweet Watermelon
Anaheim & Poblano Peppers
Serrano & Jalapeno Chiles
Salad Tomatoes
Summer Squash
German White Garlic
Cut Greens (Arugula or Taglio Chard)

Fall planting began this past week and although it was hot and dry, we managed to get cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco, kales, collards, and spigariello transplanted. We direct seeded cut greens, mustard greens, broccoli raab, radishes, salad turnips, and daikon radish as well. So currently we are on schedule. The first fall carrots and herbs get seeded today, anticipating the slightly cooling weather and hopefully a little rain, fingers crossed. This coming week includes huge plantings too. All our fall Swiss chard, red mustard greens, and fennel get transplanted, along with a succession of beets, the first round of fall lettuce, escarole, frisee, 12 types of radicchio, and chinese cabbage. Two weeks ago we were happy to welcome two new interns, Magena and Tyler, to the farm. As you all know we have been extremely understaffed all season. In early July as we were slipping further behind and trying to plan for a reduced Winter season, this pair seeked us out and applied for the job. We are happy to say that within just a few weeks we are beginning to catch up and have more manageable harvest days. It also means we can stay on schedule for our fall/winter plantings which is imperative in getting crops to their full potential, as well as give them the proper management necessary to help them thrive. In addition to being on farm, Magena and Tyler will be working occasional Saturday markets at South of the James, so keep an eye out for them. We are looking forward to our first fall with proper staffing needs in place.
In this week’s share we have the first of our Anaheim and Poblano peppers, a personal favorite. They are great for stuffing; but can also be simply used in a multitude of combinations with eggs, making fajitas, seasoning beans, for pico de gallo, and much more. The Anaheim has thick and crunchy flesh with a green fresh flavor, while the Poblano is thinner skinned, with a complex and earthy flavor. Both have a small amount of heat; but deseeding definitely makes them milder. This is the first appearance of watermelon in the share. We began harvesting this past week and have been enjoying them in the field on these hot days. We always need to do a little quality control to make sure they taste great. August is the month for watermelon and cantaloupe here at Tomten Farm, so this is just the beginning. We are surprised to be including another round of cut greens, the arugula from a few weeks ago grew back more abundantly than expected and we have some baby green chard as well. Check out the recipes below and enjoy the share…..Autumn and Brian
Squash and Green Chile Casserole
Tomato-Watermelon Salad with Feta and Toasted Almonds
Charred Poblano and Garlic Pesto
Roasted Anaheim Pepper Tomato Poached Eggs
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