Weekly Share July 24th – 30th

Cubanelle or Shishito Peppers
Heirloom or Sungold Tomatoes
Lettuce or Arugula
Sangre Potatoes
This week’s share includes our Sangre potatoes, a bright pink potato with a waxy interior, meaning it holds shape well, making it a very good all purpose potato variety. We like using it for salad, soup, skillet potatoes or gratins. It is rare that we have dill this late into July, so we are happy to include it as it pairs well with so many items this week. Potatoes, cucumbers, and beets make delicious salads with a little dill added in. We are also happy to have a mid-summer appearance of arugula and salad to tide you over for the coming month. Cubanelle peppers are a mild yellow-green pepper with a good crunch and a little sweetness. They can be used raw, such as in a shepard salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and herbs or cooked in eggs, with onions, or as pat of a pasta sauce. The shishito peppers are a young green pepper which can be simply charred or sautéed in olive oil, salted and eaten whole or they can be added into a dish as a component. Check out the seven recipes below for more ideas of how to use them. Pepper time is just beginning. Enjoy the share…. Brian and Autumn
Potato, Bacon And Raclette Skillet Gratin
Cucumber Potato Salad
7 Recipes for (Sometimes) Superspicy Shishito Peppers
Beet carrot slaw with tahini dressing
Hot Sardine Sandwich On Country Wheat Bread With Roasted Tomatoes And Cubanelle Peppers 
all photos are generously provided courtesy of Alexis Courtney
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