Weekly Share June 8th – 14th

IMG_0861Chioggia or Early Wonder Beets
Zephyr or Alexandria Squash
Swiss Chard
Baby Frisee
New Red Fire – Red Leaf Lettuce
Cabbage (Tendersweet or Early Jersey)
Fresh Onions (Bianca Di Maggio & Tropea)
A little something extra…
IMG_0870Finally we got some rain, soft gentle rain showers and within two days all the crops seem a little happier. Ok the weeds seem happier too. It was quite a respite to have some cool cloudy weather during the first week of June; but now we are ready to welcome back the heat and watch our Summer crops grow. We have almost finished planting peppers and tomatoes for the season and are waiting for the soil to dry up a bit so we can plant all of our watermelons and next succession of cucumbers, corn, and beans. It is crazy to think we will be starting our fall crops at the end of this month. Everything happens so quickly this time of year as the days get long. This week while returning from the post office, Brian spotted a 12lb Chicken of the Woods mushroom in the state forest bordering our property. Then the next day while driving back from the dump, another one, only 10 lbs this time. These mushrooms are difficult to miss as they are bright orange and have beautiful layers that look like shelves. These chicken of the woods are the Laetiporus Cincinnatus variety and were found at the base of oak trees, so great for eating. We had some delicious risotto with big chunks of wild mushroom and it was awesome. Then we started thinking about how to use so much mushroom in a short period of time and realized we should share it with our CSA members. Saturday folks will have already gotten a chunk, but for all you Tuesday folks be expecting a portion of chicken of the woods with your share this week. This is another great part about living out in the country, easy foraging. Check out this website for more information about Chicken of the Woods.
IMG_0877This week’s share includes summer squash, swiss chard, cabbage, and spring onions. For us this is marks the start of early Summer crops. Dill could be the real star this week as it goes famously with many of the vegetables in the share. Any coleslaw recipe can be delicious with some fresh dill added to it. A personal favorite of ours is sautéing squash with onions, dill, and some lemon. A super simple dish that can be served alone, mixed with pasta, or even spread on top of Sub Rosa bread. A scrumptious salad can be made with beets, dill, onions, feta, and chopped up frisee. So if you normally think of dill with cucumbers, please try to branch out as the dill is in peak form. We think you will be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy the share….Brian and Autumn


Hungarian-Style Summer Squash With Dill
Cavatelli with Beets and Swiss Chard


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