Weekly Share October 20th – 26th

fennelfriseeraabFrisee, Fennel, Beets (Chioggia or Red), Lettuce (Red Leaf or Green Oakleaf), Broccoli Raab or Spigariello, Red Meat Winter Radishes, Roma Tomatoes, Dill, & Something Extra.

As the leaves begin changing and the days grow exponentially shorter, our work is beginning to shift as well. Around the farm we are still very busy with poultry and of course there is always weeding to do; but overwhelmingly we are prepping and planning for next year. Bed preparation, cover cropping, maintenance on our hoophouse, catepillar tunnels, and greenhouse in preparation for winter growing as well as some continued farm and crop land cleanup. Plus big infrastructure projects, crop planning, and the loads of administrative work that gets left undone each growing season is reprioritized. We are continually excited about our Fall shares and the new items we have available each week, the only issue is running out of day light on harvest days. Too much product is never a problem, but it is difficult when you cannot find time to harvest it all.
The wildly popular Red Meat Radishes are back. This Chinese variety of winter radish is often referred to as a watermelon radish and has a bright pink center with a sweet and slightly spicy taste. Winter radishes are more hearty and sturdy than the typical spring radish and can be stored for 4+ months without compromising flavor or texture. They can be eaten raw; but they also are great when cooked. Check out this great article in the Washington Post that gives some background on this delicious vegetable with recipes included at the end. Fennel, Frisee (Curly Endive), and Spigariello are also included in this week’s share. As a simple option, you can roast fennel, beets, and radishes for a delicious side dish. Don’t forget about the Dill, it is one of our favorite pairings with beets. Check out the last recipe for a frisee and beet salad, but use dill instead of parsley, yum. If you are ever feeling stuck with your options for Broccoli Raab, here is a great article followed by some inventive recipes. Spigariello could also be used in many of the same preparations.
Blood Orange, Roasted Fennel & Radish Salad
Oven Roasted Salmon with Potatoes, Beets, and Fennel
Spaghetti with Oven-Roasted Tomatoes and Caramelized Fennel
Roasted Baby Beet Salad with warm Goat Cheese and Frisee
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