Chicken tillage and busy April

As with every year, April has been a busy month. The month starts out looking really barren andĀ ends looking very lush and vibrant. In the last few weeks we’ve planted our first round of tomatoes, summer squash, and potatoes. Our brassica family(broccoli, kale, arugula etc.) planting has never looked better. Last Winter we ran the laying hens through the plot where they are currently growing and I think the extra nutrients the chickens left behind is making a marked difference in their growth. Speaking of chickens at work, we just moved the laying hens off a piece of pasture we are opening up for more vegetable production. Our little 20 horse power 1960 Farmall tractor has some trouble plowing up new land so we followed the plowing with the chickens to eat the grass down and work the soil a bit. We are purchasing a larger tractor this week, which will allow us to further prepare the soil in that plot as well as with many other tasks the old Farmall can’t really handle. We feel good about the start to the 2014 season. We are a bit more on top of things this year.

The regular farmers market season starts this week for the South of the James. We have moved to the back of the market, next to Heath farm and Agriberry.

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