Weekly Share May 20th – 26th

Swiss Chard
Radishes or Beets
Red Gold New Potatoes

Mesclun Salad Mix
Red Leaf Lettuce

Today was our Spring CSA workday; but it felt like Summer. Of course all the work we really needed help with included lots of black landscape fabric, moving huge heavy tarps, and work in our tunnels, so the heat was magnified. We are so grateful for the effort made by these 7 lovely CSA members, with no complaint. We do not wish these conditions on anyone working a hefty physical job; but the job has to get done and it definitely did. It is always rewarding to have CSA work-share members come out and get a better sense of what we are doing and share in some of the tasks. Today’s work made our lives a bit more manageable over the coming weeks, so thanks!
This week’s share highlights some tunnel grown new potatoes, planted in early February, so they are harvestable about a month earlier than our field crop. They will be so creamy and delicious, you can eat them for breakfast, or dinner, or as a salad, or fried, it really doesn’t matter. The scallions are absolutely divine right now and the swiss chard in healthy and robust. This is the most blanched and tender frisee hearts we have grown in spring, so use for a delicious Lyonnais salad or use one of the recipes below. Enjoy the share……Autumn & Brian

Frisée Salad with Poached Eggs and Bacon

Roasted Beet Salad With Miso–Sesame Dressing, Pears, And Frisée

Red Potato Salad with Scallions & Radishes

Company Eggs (Swiss Chard)

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