Weekly Share (6) June 12th – 18th

Bok Choy
Danvers Carrots
Mustard Greens or Hakurei Turnips
Lettuce (Iceberg or Canary Tongue)
Salad Mix
Fresh Garlic

So busy, so busy, so busy; that is how June is for us. We are trying to take advantage of the mild May weather and get you all as much cool season vegetables as we can while they are healthy and abundant; before we really jump into Summer. This week’s share includes the first of our 2017 garlic crop. The heads are still sizing up in the field and will be harvested in a couple of weeks for curing; but for now we are taking them fresh. They are sweet and delicious, plus peeling the cloves is simple and easy, as the skins have not dried down yet. The garlic goes great with broccoli, mustards, turnips, and especially bok choy, so enjoy.
We are still playing catch up from the deluge of rain a few weeks ago; which halted our field prep and planning. Finally though this past week we were able to get a lot of planting done, seeding our 2nd succession of corn, okra, and more cilantro, dill, and cut greens. We transplanted the rest of our peppers and chiles, more squash, cucumbers, our last succession of summer lettuce and our 2nd and last succession of sauce tomatoes. We are still pretty far behind with planting, and can only do so much each week; but in the next few days we will get our melons and watermelon starts in the ground (better late than never) plus our 2nd succession of basil, more field tomatoes, beans, scallions, celery, celeriac, long beans, borlotto beans, and that should be it. Whew. Basically we are almost done with our summer plantings, in the next few weeks we will get more successions of squash, cucumbers, the winter squash, and the last tomatoes in the ground. The craziest thing about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is realizing that in 10 days we begin seeding starts for our fall crops and unlike most other farms in the area, we focus a lot of our volume on the fall and winter, so it is a huge push for us. So over the next few weeks we work fast and furious; hopefully getting a lot done and then begin harvesting summer crops while thinking about fall and winter crops. So busy, so busy, so busy….Enjoy the Share, Autumn and Brian
Sauteed Bok Choy and Broccoli
Broccoli with Tofu and Yuzu Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu
Sarson Ka Saag Recipe (Mustard Greens Curry)
Stir-Fried Baby Turnips With Spring Onions, Green Garlic and Tofu
Carrot Slivers Stir-fried with Soy Sauce– Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu
3 Tbls rapeseed or light sesame oil
2 small dried peppers, torn in half
4 cups julienned carrots
2 Tbls soy sauce
Heat the oil over medium-high heat in a large frying pan. Add the peppers and warm until fragrant. Turn the heat up to high and throw in the carrots. Toss several minutes over high heat until the carrots have softened but not wilted. Test for doneness by sampling a piece or two. Splash in the soy sauce and toss for a couple of seconds to draw the soy sauce flavor into the carrots. Ratio: vegetable: oil: soy sauce- 1cup: 2 tsp: 1 ½ tsp


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